International Theater Festival – Constanta. Print. ATL.

Choose to say NO to Bullying. Video, print and online campaign.

We develop 360 campaigns working on concepts, image, text and space.

Save The Children campaign regarding children with both parents working abroad. It is more important what you leave behind that what you send back home.
International Children’s Rights Day. 20th November. The Red Riding Hood says: I will not go to grandma’. She knows her rights.
James Bond movie launching campaign. We organized a contest based on covers from Bond Series for local bands.
Branding and design for a local music festival. The campaign included: logo, 3d design, graphic-design, social media.
Viral magazine for Zootropolis film launching campaign. Every gossip and news was “animalized”.
The Political Theater Platform. We developed the identity, the website and printed materials. Illustration was an important chapter.
For some people the facts do the talking. That’s the way Gheorghe Sucaciu was elected mayor in Fagaras. Photography, filming, strategy and text were the strong points here.
Visual (photography and 3d illustration) for “Pirates of the Caribbean” launch.
Technological studies become important again in Romania. This is a campaign for Aurel Vijoli College (website, print, social media, photography, filming).
Abolish the breaks!, the Children say, and it seems that it is a national riot. Why? because during break most of the bulling happens. So, the message became: Abolish Bulling, we can stand it no more.
For a premature new born every little thing can be fatal. Donate for incubators in hospitals.